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21 S. First Ave
Arcadia, CA 91006
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Hair Cut ~ Women
Hair Cut ~ Men
Conditioning Treatment
Base Color Overall
Color Retouch / Cut & Style
Highlights 1/2 Head
Highlights Full Head
Color Correction*
Hair Extensions*
Brazilian Blowout
Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Japanese Straightening
   (Includes Cut)
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Ombre Hightlights & Coloring   
Balayage Highlights          
Brazilian Blowout with cut                  
Conveniently located for Duarte, Arcadia and Monrovia residents
$150 & Up
$150 & Up
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YELP Highlights
Ammonia-free Color Available
Color Specialist, Colorist Color Correction Specialist
If you want to be happy with your hair every time you leave the salon, you need me,  Veronica Miller, as your own personal stylist!  I work at a full service Hair Salon, located at 21 South First Ave, Arcadia CA 91006.

I have been a hair dresser for 25 years so I have the experience you want in a professional.  But even more important, I have real passion for styling hair and come to the salon each day truly excited about working with hair.  If you have a specific style in mind, I will listen to you and give you that style.  If you want something new and different, but you're not sure quite what, we'll work together to find just the right look for you.  My clients can see my energy for my work and how excited I get when I'm finished and they're happy.  They have expressed their satisfaction with my services by giving me 54 five star Yelp reviews (35 five star reviews at previous Hair Salons and 19 five star reviews on my own Yelp account.
Ombre Hair
Balayage Highlights
Pricing on services may by higher than listed for longer or thicker hair
* Pricing requires consultation
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Conveniently located for Alhambra residents
Conveniently located for Temple City residents
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Veronica is your Blonde Hair Color Specialist

Veronica specializes in all things blonde.  Besides being a Colorist and Hair Color Specialist, she is a blonde colorist, Platinum Blonde Colorist and Blonde Highlights / Blonde Ombre Color Technician.  If you have Long Hair or drab hair, let Veronica work her magic in color and color highlights, she is your Long Hair Specialist

Veronica is your Blonde Hair Color Expert & Haircut Expert

Veronica is an expert in Haircutting & Haircut styles.  She specializes in Long Hair Styles and is an expert in Keratin Smoothing Treatment.  She is an Expert Colorist as well as an expert in Blonde Color.
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Best Yelp Reviews

News of Veronica's masterful expertise on hair care has swept the San Gabriel Valley.  Just read some of her Yelp reviews and you'll agree, Veronica is one of the best reviewed hair stylists in the area.  You won't be able to find another hair dresser with such sterling Yelp reviews as Veronica.  Take a moment, check her out and enjoy getting the best service, the best haircut & style by the hairstylist with the best reviews in Yelp.